Peruvian began sweeping floors to apply for University and today could win the Nobel Prize in Education

Many times the road is not laid out most easily as one plan. Instead, you find the obstacles that either sink you more o walk again.

That was very clear to Gerson Ames Gaspar: a professor who worked as a cleaning officer to be a Global Teacher Prize candidate today; also known as the «Nobel Prize for Education.»

A native of the beautiful city of Huancayo, he says he was never afraid to work on anything to fulfill his dreams. That goes back to the 1990s were, in a way to cover his expenses, he had to work cleaning floors for a supermarket in Lima while trying to enter San Marcos University.

“As soon as I finished high school, I applied and failed to enter. In Lima you have to appeal, you have to work on something, ”says the professor while watching some students run around in the Mariscal Cáceres educational institution in Huancavelica; where he currently works.

It is in this educational center where he creates the «magic tables» methodology, where students perform calculations with real examples, demonstrating that mathematics is found everywhere.

The passion with which he speaks of his profession and the way of explaining to his students makes us understand the reason for his achievements:

. Regional winner and national finalist of the Interbank Master Prize Teacher (2017).

. Regional Winner of Good Teaching Practices and Management «Amawtanchikkunapa» (2018), organized by the Regional Directorate of Education of Huancavelica.

. First place in the National Contest Horacio Zeballos Gámez Prize (2019), of the Magisterial Spill.

. Master Excellence Award (2019).

Today he goes with his new teaching methodology ‘Ruwaspa Yachani’ (I learn by doing) where holographic pyramids are used, which is a four-glass display forming a pyramid in which holograms are projected. This innovation served to be chosen as a candidate for the ‘Nobel Prize in Education’.

«I also tell the boys, I will give them everything I can, improve their skills so that they are not eternal applicants as I once was», ends with a message for those who will be the future of the country.

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