Get to know what beaches are “healthy” in Lima according to Digesa

Summer in Lima started at the end of December, but in these first days of February, it is where the heat has increased most. In Lima we have a variety of beaches that help us cool down a bit and have a nice time with family and friends; however, not all of them are in optimal conditions and can damage our health since many are contaminated or don’t have experienced maintenance staff. For this reason, and due to the influx of beaches visitors in recent weeks, the General Directorate of Environmental Health (Digesa) has developed a list of beaches suitable for visitors.

The criteria used to consider a healthy beach were: microbiological quality, cleanliness and the existence of hygienic services. Surprisingly, Agua Dulce is considered a healthy beach, after several cleaning and sanitation operations have been carried out on the beach.

  • Ancón:
  1. Playa Dieciocho
  2. Playa Hermosa
  3. Playa Las Conchitas
  4. Playa Miramar 1
  5. Playa Miramar 2
  6. Playa Casino Naútico
  7. Playa Enanos
  8. Playa Esmar 1
  9. Playa Esmar 2
  10. Playa Los Pocitos
  • Miraflores:
  1. Tres picos
  2. Playa Estrella
  3. Playa Pampilla I
  4. La Pampilla II
  5. Playa Miraflores
  6. Playa Makaha
  7. Playa Redondo II
  8. Playa Redondo I
  9. Playa Los Delfines

  • Barranco:
  1. Playa Los Pavos
  2. Playa Barranco
  3. Playa La Sombrilla
  4. Playa Los Yuyos
  • Chorrillos:
  1. Playa Agua Dulce Norte B
  2. Playa Agua Dulce Sur A
  3. Playa La Herradura
Image: FPP
  • Lurín:
  1. San Pedro
  2. Playa Arica
  3. Playa Los Pulpos
  • Punta Hermosa:
  1. Playa El Silencio
  2. Playa Caballeros
  3. Playa Punta Hermosa
  4. Playa Señoritas
Image: América TV
  • Punta Negra:
  1. Playa Punta Negra
  • San Bartolo:
  1. Playa San Bartolo Norte A
  2. Playa San Bartolo Norte B
  3. Playa San Bartolo Sur B
  • Santa María:
  1. Playa Santa María
  2. Playa Embajadores



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