Appoint new ambassadors of Peru in Norway and Nicaragua

Our country dawned with a new change; since today the Ministry of Foreign Affairs appointed two new ambassadors of Peru in Norway and Nicaragua.

The Peruvian Government terminated the functions of Luis Benjamín Chimoy Arteaga as ambassador to the Russian Federation and as concurrent ambassador to the Republics of Armenia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

In the same way, the functions of Alfredo José Castro Pérez-Canetto, who served as Peruvian ambassador to the Republic of Nicaragua, ceased.

The role of ambassadors in Norway and Nicaragua will now be Gustavo Antonio Otero Zapata and Alberto Esteban Massa Murazzi, respectively.

Recall that these designations were formalized through supreme resolutions N ° 033-2020-RE and 034-2020-RE, published this Thursday in the Legal Standards bulletin of the official newspaper El Peruano.

The resolutions are also endorsed by President Martín Vizcarra and the head of Foreign Affairs, Gustavo Meza-Cuadra.

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