Woman suffers accident after a metal bar falls on top of her at a KFC restaurant

A 41-year-old woman, identified as Maura Rosa Atahua Rojas, suffered injuries at a KFC after a metal structure fell over her while she was eating with her relatives in the restaurant. The place that was closed by the municipality of Surco is located in block 42 of Benavides Avenue. The metal support was located in the playground area of the premises. The woman was unconscious while she bled out; meanwhile, her husband presented cuts on the head.

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Stephanie Portal, a relative of the victim, reported that the staff took a long time to help them and didn’t have an emergency kit. He declared that a nurse who was at the premises had to help the victim and that only 15 minutes after the fall of the metal structure the workers of the fast-food center found a first aid kit. After this was declared to the press, KFC published a statement saying that they followed their emergency protocol and then they called a SAMU ambulance to transport the victim to the San Pablo Clinic.

They also mentioned that the reason for the closure of the restaurant was due to security measures and modification of the plans. Also, they would initiate an investigation to find out the cause of the fall of the metal support and affirmed that they will provide the facilities to the authorities to carry out the necessary inquiries. Family members ask for business administrators to take care of medical expenses since the accident occurred due to their negligence. In addition to the coup, the woman ran the risk of suffocating as she was eating at the time the post fell and her respiratory tract was obstructed with a piece of chicken. The woman is already stabilized but is still under medical observation since she had had an operation the week before the accident.

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