La Libertad: They will put an end to mafias dedicated to the illegal extraction of gold

The actions of the mafias infiltrated illegal mining on the hill El Toro, in Huamachuco, La Libertad would be with the days counted. The prefect of the La Libertad region, Miguel Herrera, announced that the Ministry of Interior has determined to carry out intelligence actions to eradicate the illegal extraction in this part of the liberteña mountain range, which has been the scene of constant deaths and clashes over the gold dispute.

‘There is a concern of the national government to fight against illegal mining, and El Toro hill is a priority. In this regard, a series of meetings took place in Huamachuco and Trujillo with the competent authorities of the Regional and National Government, where this problem and concern of the population was presented. I know that the Ministry of Interior has arranged actions to execute at any time, in order to end this illegal activity and its related crimes’, he said.

The official warned that the problem of illegal mining in this area of ​​the region, in recent years, has caused a serious social impact due to the presence of criminal organizations that have caused the increase in crimes of hired killers, trafficking in persons, Child exploitation and land traffic.

‘Illegal mining is causing a lot of damage, especially in this province and has generated serious crimes such as human trafficking, child labor, and is currently attracting gangs of hitmen. We have full confidence that this will soon end, as President Vizcarra and the Ministry of Interior have the knowledge and all the interest to end this. It is a joint and coordinating work that is in the hands of intelligence of the Ministry of Interior’, said Miguel Herrera.

Mafias in Lima, Piura, and Arequipa

On the other hand, the Environment Directorate of the National Police of Peru captured 16 members of the Los Topos band, dedicated to illegal gold trafficking. It was after a simultaneous operation in Lima, Piura, Arequipa, and Ica.

In the operation, the leaders and two foreign financiers were arrested. As reported by the Ministry of Interior, the preliminary detention order is against 30 people. This mafia was dedicated to the exploration, extraction, and export of said material. In his possession, 200 kilos of gold valued at 10 million dollars would have been found.

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