USA: Michael Bloomberg withdraws from the Democratic race with a view to the presidential elections

Billionaire Mike Bloomberg abandoned the campaign for the candidacy for the presidency of the United States and supported Joe Biden’s candidacy.

‘Three months ago, I entered the presidential race to defeat the president of the United States, Donald Trump. Today, I leave the race for the same reason; to defeat Donald Trump’, he said in a statement.

The former mayor of New York had a disappointing performance in the Super Tuesday primary after having invested more than $ 500 million of his fortune. He won only in the territory of American Samoa and obtained a few dozen delegates.

Bloomberg launched his career last November, when Joe Biden’s candidacy began to falter before the Sander wave, weighed down by the dissemination of the moderate vote. The fall of the names race like Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar.


On the other hand, Joe Biden won the southern states in which Bloomberg invested tens of millions of dollars and had some hope of victory. Bloomberg thus joins Senator Amy Klobuchar and Pete Buttigieg, who abandoned the contest and gave their support to Biden as a moderate alternative to Senator Bernie Sanders just on the eve of Super Tuesday.

With Biden and Sanders, Democrats have two very different options to choose the kind of candidate they will want to present in November.

Sanders is a social democrat who has a strong coalition on the left bank of his party to fight his battle, started decades ago, to transform the country’s political and economic systems. Biden, a veteran politician of the traditional party current in Washington, defends a more pragmatic strategy on key issues such as public health and climate change.

Biden scored victories from Texas to Massachusetts in the primaries held the day before, the so-called Super Tuesday, revitalizing a presidential candidacy that was on the verge of disaster just days before. However, Sanders won the jackpot with a victory in California that said he will continue the fight for the presidential nomination of the Democrats in the immediate future.

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