The Mayor of La Molina closes «borders» due to the coronavirus

Although, on the one hand, there was an air of uncertainty in the country after the isolation decree issued by the President of the Republic, on the other hand, the mayor of La Molina, Álvaro Paz de la Barra, proposed the unthinkable: order the closure of the border district of your municipality.

The announcement was made on March 16, through an official statement from the Twitter account of the Municipality of La Molina and is now in force.

This action has sparked various reactions on social networks ranging from questions and comments from citizens that confirm this fact, they even shared images where trucks of serenades are seen crossed in the middle of the track so that vehicles do not circulate in La Molina.

For the constitutionalist Víctor García Toma, the measure dictated by the mayor of La Molina is not something that concerns him, on the contrary, it would be institutional since only the power to restrict free transit corresponds to the head of state.

On the other hand, it must be taken into account that there are no district borders as such, and the lawyer Humberto Abanto commented on his Twitter account:

«Could someone explain to the mayor of La Molina that borders divide states and delimit the geographical scope of national sovereignty? The limits of the district do not exist. For the sake of figuration, he has to close something that does not exist,» he specified.

The blocked streets were Separadora Industrial, Los Frutales, Javier Prado, El Golf Los Inkas, Las Palmeras, among others. However, hours after complying with the provision, the National Police released the blockades on public roads.

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