Quarantine vs. Jair Bolsonaro

The President of Brazil will organize his birthday party, despite the world health crisis by COVID-19

The coronavirus has affected several American countries, which has pushed its rulers to take precautionary measures to reduce contagion among citizens. One of these has been social isolation, the purpose of which is to prevent people from having contact with others who are infected. However, President Bolsonaro of Brazil thinks that this measure is wrong and that it will affect the economy.

«The virus brought a certain hysteria and some governors, I think, although I may be wrong, take measures that will greatly harm our economy,» said the Brazilian president, after announcing the realization of his birthday and that of his wife in the following days.

This celebration, like other activities carried out by the President, have not been interrupted by the spread of this virus that has affected more than 500 Brazilians, of whom the third fatality has been confirmed in recent hours in the city of Sao Paulo.

These figures indicate the need for isolation in that territory, which, if it has been accepted by other countries, who are fighting daily to mitigate the spread of the virus. Added to this is the closing of borders such as the insistence on the application of cleanliness in homes or food and health establishments.

Another different case is from the country of El Salvador, which has joined this isolation measure without having infected people. President Bukele has decreed quarantine and border closures. This action has been accompanied by the isolation of people arriving from abroad to Salvadoran territory.

Although in China they are conducting tests for the possible existence of a vaccine to combat COVID-19, it is important to maintain social isolation that will protect the entire population that assumes it responsibly.

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