China: Wuhan finally opens doors for health specialists.

After 50 days of blockade the Wuhan Township will finally open its doors. The Wuhan New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters released a report this morning so that staff working in this province can request their release through a health test and certification.

Wuhan authorities spoke on February 24 and officially announced that people should leave the province due to the protection of epidemic prevention and control, urban operation, production life, and disease treatment Specials, as well as people stranded outside Han, can be deployed in batches. Unfortunately the news did not resonate outside the city.

This time the workers will have the facility to enter and leave the city as long as they have a health code that is called “the Green Code”, this plus a revision certificate issued by the aforementioned unit. The examination to which the applicant must submit is to the nucleic acid test.

The report also mentions that the city’s public transport will gradually work again, the card points in crossed zones will be canceled, for this they plan to implement the “regulations on the entry and exit of personnel in epidemic-free communities.”

As it is remembered, it was in the city of Wuhan where the coronavirus broke out in January.

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