Congress: benches present motion for interpellation to ministers

Congressmen from the UPP caucus (Union for Peru) presented an interpellation motion for the Minister of Justice Fernando Castañeda and the President of the Council of Minister Vicente Zeballos, as stated by the party spokesman José Vega, affirming that they require “ urgent responses ”to the complicated situation of public health and economic recovery.

With this new motion, four more interpellations would be added by the legislature for Zeballos’ cabinet, among them are the ministers María Antonieta Alva (Economy and Finance), Víctor Zamora (Health), Martin Benavides (Education) and Ariela Luna (Inclusion Social), constant citations by Congress have generated statements from the executive.

This is how President Martin Vizcarra did not endorse the constant calls raised by the legislature, who now adds more than four ministers in the midst of a State of Emergency due to the covid 19 outbreak to appear before the Congress of the Republic. He also stated that he respects the legislature; however, he called for closer and more transparent coordination in the call to ministers.

After said questioning, the head of the Constitution commission Omar Chehade, declared that the president of the Republic should not interfere, nor should he confront with Congress, the also congressman of the Alliance for Progress said that the president seeks to blame the congress of its own failures, and now it is up to the executive to use «bridges» with parliament in favor of development and electoral political reform.

Another member of parliament to criticize the president’s statements was the vice president of Congress Luis Valdez, who considers that questioning is undemocratic since it is a power of the legislature, on the other hand he mentioned that the government should ‘oxygenate his cabinet’ since he considers that they don’t measure up.

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