Head of the Public Ministry assures that the Anticorruption Prosecutor will carry out investigations during the quarantine

The prosecutor of the Nation, Zoraida Avalos mentioned that before the current State of Emergency due to the covid 19 outbreak, the prosecution will continue to carry out investigations for corruption crimes. Through the institutional account of the Public Ministry, he also said that the entity will continue with efforts to improve the fiscal service.

In the midst of compulsory social immobilization, the prosecution mentioned that 896 investigations and more than 1,000 prevention actions have been initiated. I also reiterate that the priority in the current circumstances is to protect the health of users and members of the Public Ministry.

In his statements, he also thanked members of the Public Ministry for their constant work during the quarantine for the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), especially because they risked their health and that of their families working in person. On the other hand, the title stated that 56,220 criminal complaints, 769 requests for preliminary arrest and 9724 actions against resistance to authority have been processed nationwide.

However, I add that 5,804 complaints were handled, 9,460 cases for crimes of aggression, 925 cases against sexual freedom, 14 femicides and 30 attempts. Zoraida Ávalos also stated that during the quarantine the special team in the Odebrecht case, higher offices, the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office and among others will continue to work remotely and carry out investigations.


Despite the gratitude expressed by the head of the Public Ministry to his team, it was learned that he terminated the work of his general manager Abel Rubén Cartolín Príncipe, the fact occurred because a controversy arose over the medical service contract to the company Aquamed that carried out tests to discard covid-19 to the workers of the institution.

The Aquamed company, which is dedicated to aesthetic treatments, was hired to perform screening tests on more than 2,000 workers without health safety protocols. Through a statement, the entity apologized and name in charge to Ana María Velarde Roa on an interim basis.

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