Suarez’s hand that saved Uruguay from elimination 10 years ago

Uruguay qualified for the semifinals of the World Cup held in South Africa when they defeated their counterpart from Ghana. This was given thanks to an action that many describe as cheating. The game was tied and the final minutes were running when, after a free-kick and a fortuitous play in the Uruguay area, the striker «Charrúa» clears the ball with his hand, which was about to enter the goal of Muslera.

Uruguay placed itself once again before the eyes of the world during the World Cup in South Africa. They had classified by repechage; However, they had managed to reach the quarterfinals where another revelation awaited them: Ghana. The game was very even for 90 minutes. Muntari had advanced to «The black eagles», but would appear who later would be decorated as the best player in the tournament. Diego Forlán tied the score with a free-kick shot.

After not taking advantage of the 90 minutes, overtime began. At exactly 120 minutes, referee Olegario Benquerença whistled a foul in favor of the African team. Patsil’s center was lightly brushed and fell to Mensah’s head. Muslera deflected the header and left the ball dead for Appiah’s shot. As the stands at the Johannesburg stadium burst the vuvuzelas celebrating the impending goal, Suarez threw both hands in the direction of the ball and deflected it. This was obvious, so the referee charged the penalty. While Suarez was expelled from the field, he could see how the auction of Asamoah Gyan burst the crossbar of the goal guarded by the Uruguayan keeper. In this way, the match culminated with the victory of the South American country by penalties and the classification of the semifinals.

Suarez could not play the semifinals against the Netherlands and saw his team was eliminated by losing 3 to 2.

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