Masturbation: why is it preferred in times of quarantine?

Betting on social distance and avoiding giving in to going against this regulation in most governments, such as social distance and avoiding contacts that could increase cases, many people have opted for one of the simplest lovemaking practices, but not least, like masturbation.

Both men and women have opted for this activity in solitude, although, for many others, their privacy has been disrupted due to the insistent presence of their relatives.

3 important advantages

1. Helps to reduce and/or relieve menstrual pain.

Masturbation would alleviate symptoms through the secretion of chemicals circulating in the bloodstream.

2. Strengthens the immune system.

According to a study in the journal Sexual and Relationship Therapy, men who practice masturbation have a better immune system and have a lower risk of infection. In addition, in women, it would reduce dryness and help lubrication.

3. Improve sleep quality

Thanks to masturbation, the energy necessary to fall asleep and reduce insomnia caused by stress is released, as well as the feeling of desire that is activated in the body.

Sources: Google News

Other options

Due to the distance, many young couples have been separated at home. However, sexting or nudes have become a routine in their lives so as not to extinguish the flame of passion. Although in practice it seems very simple, it has also caused a series of problems at a legal level, so its use must be measured and responsible, in addition to being practiced with a person you trust.

Governments that advise it

The Argentine government unveiled different ways of practicing this activity during quarantine to avoid precisely the increase in infections.

It should be noted that this practice does not produce contagions of any type of Sexually Transmitted Infection and, on the contrary, helps people to know themselves a little more, which would improve the quality of encounters with their partners.

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