Urresti against Parliamentary Immunity

The Podemos Peru bench, through its spokesperson, Daniel Urresti, indicated that parliamentary immunity became parliamentary impunity, and that this mechanism benefits people who should be tried. Thus, the legislator reported that in recent times such impunity only served to protect the mafias in the country.

On the other hand, the parliamentarian indicated that he knows which of the legislators has done a job in the fight against the big mafias, and that such benefit has been needed for the exercise of it.

According to La Republica, other issues made in the interview on channel 9, Urresti recalled his work as manager of Citizen Security in Los Olivos, in which he remarked he fought arm to arm with the riot officers who were taking over the district.

´I if I fight with the mafias, hand in hand, arm in arm, I spent seven months in front of Los Olivos, did you have any kind of immunity? No Has something happened to me? Nor do I remark.

The debate to approve the opinion on the elimination of parliamentary immunity is still in process, and that this has passed to a board of spokespersons, where the spokespersons of all the congressional seats will meet, and in which it will be assessed whether said issue It should be added to the discussion agenda for today Friday.

In said debate, benches such as those of the Purple Party and Podemos Peru made known their projects to modify article 93 of the Constitution in which they state that they are not subject to an imperative mandate or to questioning. And that on the other hand, benches such as Frente Amplio have expressed their total disagreement regarding the elimination of parliamentary immunity.

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