The Peruvian Mint

Very close to the popular Jirón de La Unión, one of the most historic streets in Lima is the building that houses the museum of Peru’s Central Reserve Bank, better known as the BCRP museum. This imposing building located between the Lampa and Ucayali shreds. If you ever pass by, do not hesitate to enter and live a learning experience in every way and totally free.

The building, opened in 1929, was designed by architect A. C Bossom, from New York. The entire building is an impeccable architectural piece from the facade to the end of its corridors. After the inauguration, Peru’s Central Reserve Bank occupied this building for more than 50 years until in 1979 its leaders decided to transform it into a museum in order to protect and display the art collections acquired by the bank during those years.

This museum has an impressive collection of money and bills, where it can be found not only from the first coins and bills used in Peru but also in some other places in the world. This is the only institution that has the Peruvian Pound, a rare monetary value that was used in the country between the years 1898 and 1930.

And if this still seems like little, the BCRP museum houses exquisite works of art by Peruvian painters of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. Although some are quite abstract and sometimes difficult to interpret, it is impossible not to delight in such talent. In addition, it has entire rooms dedicated to the exhibition of huacos, costumes, jewelry, and other artistic expressions from Peru’s region.

One of the most important activities that the museum carries out are various exhibitions of contemporary artists representing painting and literature. Likewise, it promotes culture and learning through contests. Currently, due to the current situation, virtual Tours are being carried out to expose the works of the winners of the X Painting Contest of the year 2018.

Fuente: BCRP
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