Zeballos: norms cannot be approved for enthusiasm or rancor

After the Congress of the Republic has approved the elimination of parliamentary immunity, and modified the opinion that includes the President of the Republic and the cabinet of ministers, Prime Minister Vicente Zeballos assured that this measure could hinder dialogues with the legislature. I also mention that «you cannot approve regulations of this magnitude due to enthusiasm or rancor.»

I further declare that within 3 to 4 hours, constitutional reforms that have not been subject to debate cannot be carried out, that there was lightness and immediacy, in a process that should have lasted longer. He also indicated that by acting in parliament, the president can be charged during his term (or previous events) violating the balance of powers.

In the PCM statements at Punto Final it was mentioned that it was Zeballos who visited the President of Congress to set out a common agenda; but that with the latest measures «all kinds of conversation and institutionality are disrupted». He also emphasized that between this and the next legislature, parliaments can reflect on what happened yesterday, Sunday, July 5.

In these statements, he hinted that a correction is expected from the congressmen, since said measures will harm any president in the future. Let us remember that the action of the congress of the congress responds to the message given to the nation by the president in which I regret that the elimination of parliamentary immunity has not been approved (when it did not reach the required votes).

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