Gloria Montenegro: What Congress has done has no technical consistency

Gloria Montenegro, Minister of Women, declared that the measures taken by the Congress of the Republic last Sunday are a manifesto of damage to the country and unconstitutionality, this because the Parliament decided to eliminate parliamentary immunity, including in nature. of opinion to the president and ministers.

The headline added that, such modality was sought to harm the president, and that another should be its objective in the framework of the fight against the coronavirus, also added «what was done by Congress has no technical consistency, has no argument technical, it’s improvisation. It not only hurts that institution, but it hurts the country and the institutionality. ”

In dialogues with Ideeleradio, Montenegro stated, “For harming the Government Palace and the president, that reaction will have a very high cost and it has it from this moment on because the full Executive is fighting against the pandemic, we are dedicated in body and soul to all regions of the country ”, I mention.

On the other hand, Montenegro indicated that it believes that Parliament is seeking to “leave the government unwell”, so I urge further analysis to the legislators to revert to the second vote and stop doing harm to the country, also asked to leave the populist senses, and not to think in politicking as it affects the country.

The head, who in turn demanded a greater analysis, declared for what happened in the recent actions issued by Congress this weekend, in which after the presidential message from the Mandatory, the legislature called for the board of spokespersons, hours later that the President has criticized the removal of parliamentary immunity.

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