Jair Bolsonaro tests positive for Covid-19

The Brazilian president, who questioned the severity of the virus from Wuhan, has confirmed that he suffers from Covid-19; however, it ensures that he feels «good».

According to what has been revealed through the media, the president of the neighboring country has been presenting discomfort in his health until a test confirmed the suspicion on Tuesday, July 7.

«The measures I am taking are to avoid  contamination to others», he said.

It should be remembered that Bolsonaro is one of the presidents who assured that the virus was not a problem and that it was only a «little flu». Likewise, it did not order any type of quarantine on the Amazonian country despite the fact that only yesterday they presented 20 229 more cases throughout the territory.

Epicenter of the pandemic

Brazil already has more than 1,600,000 confirmed cases, bringing its deaths to 65,631. Although yesterday there were fewer confirmed cases than previous days, the global health emergency has transferred its new epicenter to the South American continent followed by Peru and Chile.

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