Daniel Urresti does not support modification of the Parliamentary Immunity

Daniel Urresti, spokesman for the Podemos Peru party, indicated that he did not take part in the vote on the constitutional reform that eliminates parliamentary immunity and that includes the President, ministers and other authorities in his amendment. The parliamentarian justifies his position because these modifications were made «on his back.»

On the other hand, Urresti said that his vote in favor of the reforms was due to the fact that he trusted that the modification would have been reviewed by a specialist in the matter, for which he said that his proposal on the withdrawal of immunity was «varied.»

«Given that my proposal to eliminate parliamentary immunity was distorted, I announce that I will not support in a second vote the project approved in the first vote on the last Sunday, July 5,» said the former minister. In this way, he was also surprised to learn that the advisory council had not acted on the modifications that were approved by Parliament: ‘Today I am surprised that the changes made to the Constitution and Regulations Commission were made behind the back of the Advisory Commission, ‘he added.

In this sense, the spokesperson for Peru Podemos stated that they are working on the possibility of presenting a new and better legal project that eliminates parliamentary immunity in a short time, since theirs was «distorted.» It should be noted that Urresti’s statements are born from the context in which 12 jurists resigned from the positions of advisers of the Constitution Commission of the Congress of the Republic due to the crisis and confrontations that the Executive Power along with the Legislature shows for the modification and development of the Parliamentary Immunity, which was according to some critics, was ‘upset’ for convenience and / or rancor.

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