The historic 7 to 1 that humiliated Brazil in the 2014 World Cup

The Brazilian dream of being champion in his land and celebrating his sixth world title was overshadowed by a humiliation the size of the «Maracanazo». Back then, the executioner had been Uruguay; in this, it was the always difficult Germany. The «Mineirao» stadium would witness a victory that, to this day, is not erased from the minds of the Cariocas.

After classifying as first in their group and leaving Chile behind, the «Verdeamarela» played the quarterfinals against a surprising Colombia, which was commanded by James Rodríguez. This date would be crucial since it not only meant passing to the quarters, but in a specific move of the match, Camilo Zúñiga, Colombian defender, would hit Neymar, star of «La canarinha» until then. «This blow left him on the ground to the Brazilian crack and without being able to move. Despite Neymar’s abrupt departure due to injury, the locals knew how to defeat the «coffee growers» thanks to the goals of David Luiz and Silva. Later it was learned that the star belonging, at the time, to Barcelona, ​​the rest of the competition would be lost and he would have many months to spare.

For its part, Germany came from beating Algeria in eighths and France in fourths; however, his game did not arouse much admiration. The previous one was a party that would collapse when the clock showed thirty minutes of the first half and the Teutons were already winning 5 to 0. The match was largely dominated by Brazil, but the effectiveness of the Europeans was more. A double by Kroos, another by Schürrle and Müller had been scored on the scoreboard. Then Khedira and Klose would score at the goal feast; Oscar discounted.

The outlook during and after the game was bleak. More than 55,000 spectators watched astonished and, with tears in their eyes, the shameful removal of the homeowner and the sadness of one of the coldest nights in Belo Horizonte.

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