Marcos Calderón, the coach of a golden generation

Not for nothing has he been and is the coach with the most titles obtained in Peruvian soccer, without excluding the national team. Marcos Calderón is remembered for giving Peru, along with the golden generation of Cueto, Cubillas, and Velásquez, the 1975 Copa América; In addition to being the architect of the best participation of the Peruvian National Team in the World Cups, reaching the quarterfinals in Argentina 78.

After hanging the boots in 1956 after a season in Sport Boys, «El Oso» began his career as an assistant to Alfonso Huapaya at the same pink club, winning the Peruvian league in 1958. In 1963 he moved to Defensor Lima, but there was no outstanding participation until he arrived at Universitario de Deportes, where he won 4 national titles (1964, 1966, 1967, 1985). In Peru, he was in command of other clubs such as Alianza Lima, where he championed in 1975 at Sporting Cristal, achieving 3 local championships (1972, 1979 and 1980), in Deportivo Municipal, Juventud La Joya and Defensor Arica.

To his repertoire is added international experience, since he commanded the ranks of Tigres de México (1981), Barcelona de Ecuador (1978) and Deportivo Táchira (1986). However, in 1987, upon returning to Alianza Lima, he had the misfortune to belong to the group of footballers and technical command who died in the plane crash known as «The Tragedy of the Focker». That December 8, the plane that crashed into the window sea took the «crooked» as they called it, due to its arched feet. His body was found on the 25th of the same month on one of the beaches near the city of Huacho.

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