Walter Martos: I ask for weight and measure

Walter Martos, Minister of Defense, urged the Congress of the Republic to have weight and restraint, since so far it has been confirmed that tomorrow, Monday 13, there will be a full session to present various motions to question 3 other state ministers.

As part of the agenda, Martos was present at a civic action in the Villa Riza human settlement, in the Lomo de Corvina area, in that sense the headline emphasized that he is 100% focused on the covid-19 pandemic, so that he felt pondering at moments like this.

The minister affirmed: ‘We consider that Congress is fully entitled, has the power to make inquiries to the ministers, but as a government we always ask for consideration, at the moment we are in a rather critical situation, we are in the midst of a pandemic ‘.

I also emphasize that the ministers are also focused on the work of their portfolio to continue with the activities that are necessary to reduce the level of infected and sick, and that many of them (ministers) are making constant trips to the regions to carry out support for.

That is why the head of the Defense portfolio urged to take a concession between the Executive, Legislative and other corresponding authority to reduce the number of people infected by the coronavirus and focus their forces on the sectors most in need, so he asked for restraint . Another point that I make was to guarantee the electoral process next year, with the requirements and protocols necessary to safeguard the public health of all Peruvians.
To do this, he stated that he has already taken conversations with the PCM Vicente Zeballos to carry out the corresponding measures.

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