Alliance for Progress does not support interpellation to ministers

The congresswoman for the Alliance for Progress, Carmen Omonte, declared that her party supports the measures of the parliament; but that it did not support the interpellations to ministers of State that have been presented since the last weeks. Therefore, the congresswoman considered that it should be important that the public listen to all the explanations of the government, since it considers it normal for the ministers to respond.

Meanwhile, he stated that the decentralized plenary session of Parliament made a correct decision since it was a decision of the Board of Directors, and whose acts do not imply considerable risk. I also mention that they would only move to Trujillo for the Board of Directors, since the majority of parliamentarians participated in a virtual way.
«It is important that the institutions reach the regions,» said the congresswoman from APP.

In the consultations that she received about the political reforms, the legislator mentioned that the current Congress has carried out more actions than those of her predecessors, including: the impediment to the postulation to public positions for people with a sentence of first instance, parity and alternation , the electoral district for Peruvians abroad and the formulation for a new mechanism for the election of magistrates of the Constitutional Court.

In the face of criticism received by parliament on the elimination and modification of parliamentary immunity for the President of the Republic, ministers, congressmen, members of the Constitutional Court and prosecutors; the congresswoman mentioned that cold cloths should be put on and turn the page, since soon, the Constitution Commission will be able to take further analysis.

To conclude, the congresswoman indicated that her party would support the removal of Omar Chehade to the presidency of the Constitution Commission.

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