Provisional Regulation 1821 , the document that marked the Peru Independence eve.

On July 13st 1821, the Liberation Army of Peru general, José de San Martín decreed the abolition of the Spanish Constitution that governed the country. This document is known in Peruvian history as «La Pepa» or Provisional Regulation 1821, which was approved by the Cadiz Court in 1812.

This statute was made of 10 titles and 384 articles of a strictly liberal nature in Peru favor and had two important themes between its lines. The first referred to the exact demarcation that the Peru Liberation Army occupied, and the other related to the form of administration that should govern until the Peruvians can elect a ´president in a democratic way.

Three days after San Martín enters Lima, on July 9th, 1821, it provides that the Huara Provisional Regulations, the capital rule of the nascent Peru Republic, enter into force. This document clearly established the four departments that should be occupied by the Liberation Army.

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