In Ica the criminal gang «Los reyes de Villa El Salvador» intervene

After weeks of follow-up, the Intelligence Division and the Anti-drug Area of ​​the PNP – Ica (Areandro) managed to intervene «Los reyes de Villa El Salvador», a criminal gang that was in charge of drug marketing in the Parcona district, who during the intervention were found with more than three kilos of marijuana.

The leader of this criminal gang is Félix Máximo Yupanqui Ramos, 33, with the alias “Popito”. who was discovered by intelligence personnel who, after learning about the home of the Villa El Salvador human settlement in the Parcona district, continued with the monitoring and cover-up plan to identify the members of this criminal gang.

In the operation, three young people were found in flagrante delicto, Jesús Mariano Medina Malqui, 21, alias “Nabo”; Diego Lucas Andrés Yarasca, 20 years old, alias «Ciro»; and Kevin Alfredo Fernández Malqui, 27, alias “Malaco”, in addition to a 2.5 kilo package of marijuana and two small packages of 140 and 21 grams of the same product. Also, an electronic scale was found, which would be used to weigh the merchandise. Nine 160-gram bags of cannabis sativa were also found in the vehicle that was in the front of the building.

After the operation, the detainees were taken to the AREANDRO headquarters, where they will continue to be investigated, after the police intervention. The Public Ministry is aware of this criminal act so that it can continue with the law investigations.

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