The MTC noted that the use of face shields will be mandatory


After the third phase of economic reopening, the use of public transport by citizens has increased, which is why, today, the Minister of Transport and Communications, Carlos Lozada said that they are conducting an awareness campaign so that people who use public transport wear face shields in addition to the mask. This campaign would last approximately ten days, after this time, the use of face shields would be mandatory.

On the other hand, Minister Lozada pointed out that the mandatory facial protection standard has been published this past Saturday. However, during these first ten days, there will be a period of white march, so there will be no penalty.

This measure would have been taken with the 3 phase of the economic reopening and with the provision that all the seats of public transport be occupied, so the face shield is implemented as a protection measure since people will be in a greater contact with each other.

Lozada also pointed out that there must be greater awareness on the part of the population, to protect themselves and their own, so that in this way they can contribute so that public transport does not become a focus of contagion of the coronavirus.

The awareness campaign will be carried out by Sutran, Promovilidad and regional governments, which will announce the new protocols to address public transport. In addition, 10 million free face shields will be delivered, which will be delivered with the support of Reniec.

Currently in Lima and Callao about 11 million daily trips are made on public transport, where only 15% of people use face shield.

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