25 works will be reactivated to generate more jobs in Tacna

After March 15, when the quarantine of the coronavirus infections in our country began, the economy has also been affected, affecting the work of many citizens of the country and the world.

Faced with these factors and after having left behind the quarantine in several provinces of our country, the Governor of Tacna, Juan Tonconi, in an interview with Andina, indicated that 25 works were carried out, in order to generate employment in the province and support the economic reactivation, among the jobs that will be included are maintenance in schools, parks, tracks, sidewalks, among others.

I also point out that each worker must undergo a covid-19 test, as a safety and health protocol, to avoid contagion of this virus in workers.

He also stated that he is concerned, since this pandemic has affected the tourist side of this province, being one of the main sources of income, so he hopes that in August the rules can be relaxed a little more to allow that foreigners, including Chileans, can enter the region.

Tourism in Tacna was around 10,000 to 12,000 people a day, around 5 million soles a day, which have been lost due to the pandemic and confinement.

This is only one of the provinces that has been affected in our country after the paralysis of tourism and trade, as indicated by the regional director of Foreign Trade and Tourism, as this province there are others that had their economy based on these activities, hopefully that as time progresses, the work reactivation phases will advance as the correct security protocols to prevent the spread of more citizens in our country.

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