Restaurants: Ministry of production launches biosecurity protocol for food establishments

Up to 8 people can share a table in a restaurant. This is only one of the considerations in the new protocol that will govern for the attention in restaurants. Buffets, common tables and private rooms will not be able to operate as usual yet.

The Ministry of Production approved biosafety protocols for restaurants that will begin to offer attention to the public with 40% of the capacity.


The aforementioned document sets the rules of the game for commercial establishments that wish to opt for this service.

To do this, they must follow the following rules:

– Prepare a «plan for the surveillance, prevention, and control of the health of workers at risk of Covid-19 exposure»

– Personnel in contact with the public must pass a molecular or serological test to prevent the spread and well-being of both diners and workers.

– Evaluate risk positions in different activities to guarantee working conditions.

– Avoid contact and policy is required in the establishment.

– Provide the service within the agreed times.

– The administrator or person in charge must ask their suppliers for proof of authorization.

– Publish the offers in a clear and visible way so as to avoid the risk of contagion or contact.

– The complaints book is recommended in its virtual form.

– Tax documentation such as invoices, sales, tickets, among others, are recommended digitally.

– Keep a follow-up record in case the suspicion or confirmation is presented to take corrective actions.

– If possible, remote work or teleworking will be chosen for those positions that can do without their assistance.

– The company defines the means that it will use to take discard in the event of a suspicious case. The company must notify the family and SISCOVID-19

-Place disinfection points in the room.

– Tablecloths will not be used.

– There will be no opening for recreation areas, buffets, common tables, and private rooms.

– Access to lifts will be for a single use for people with disabilities, pregnant women, and older adults.

– Open spaces such as terraces, gardens, or patios must be enabled.

Table distribution:

– The entrance and location of clients to the living room or patio must be organized.

– The social distance of 1.5 meters is applied between the back of one diner and another when sitting at the tables. If this is not possible, there must be physical separators.

– Only up to 8 people from the same family group can share a table.

– 2 people from the same family group can sit together at the bars.

– At the bar, the distance between clients must be 2 meters. If this is not possible, place physical spacers.

– High traffic areas such as corridors that facilitate movement in the room, must be at least 2 meters between the edges of the tables.

– The distribution of tables and seating capacity must be carried out in compliance with current regulations on social distancing and the use of personal protective equipment.


– The company refrains from providing service to those who do not comply with the established preventive measures.

– Before entering the establishment, the use of masks in good condition and hygiene must be verified.

– The temperature should be controlled with the infrared thermometer. Customers with a temperature higher than 38 ° C will not be able to enter.

– Implementation of articles for shoe disinfection.

– Advise the client of handwashing with soap and water and/or use of disinfectants.

– Inside the room, information on prices and availability must be disseminated through clearly visible posters, virtual publications, or digital media in paper or disposable individuals.

– The table will be assembled in front of the diner.

– take the order through digital means.

– Implement auxiliaries for the transfer of orders.

– The mask must be removed at the time of consuming the food. Not before or after.

– When leaving the room, virtual means of payment will be used. Otherwise, the required disinfection must be applied.

– EPPs must be used and hands must be disinfected.

To read the complete protocol, click here.

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