Zoraida Avalos filed complaints against Velasquez Quesquen, Edgard Alarcon and Marvin Palma

The head of the Public Ministry Zoraida Avalos, presented in the afternoon today (July 14, 2020) constitutional complaints against former MP Javier Velásquez Quesquén, former Comptroller of the Republic Edgard Alarcón and Marvin Palma. The document mentions that Velasquez Quesquen and Palma Mendoza are charged with the alleged crime of aggravated influence peddling and passive bribery for the current Union for Peru MP.

In this sense, the document refers to: ‘For having promised for himself various economic benefits (works) to David Cornejo Chinguel, former mayor of the Municipality of Chiclayo.’

It is presumed that both parties mentioned in the document had a meeting in September 2016 with former comptroller Edgard Alarcón to carry out issues such as lifting the temporary suspension of operations in the current accounts of the Municipality of Chiclayo.

In turn, actions would also have been coordinated to lift the measure through the role of the legislators so that, supposedly, through the former comptroller, the issue, which already complied with a procedure, is addressed. The complaint issued by the prosecutor of the nation was addressed to the President of the Congress of the Republic, Manuel Merino.

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