Floyd vs. Wenliang: who are the bell tolling for?

Parallel to the hell of Covid-19, we are witnessing a staging of various plays from the world left that seek to authenticate many of their social demands of the last decades. There are the LGBT marches, on the one hand, environmentalists on the other and, lastly, the media tsunami triggered by the death, certainly unnecessary and unjust, of the criminal George Floyd, elevated to the status of world martyr by of hypocritical and opportunistic anti-racism.

Every day black and white, Chinese and mixed dies at the hands of the police of the world. But they also die at the hands of organized crime or gray and ambitious dictatorships without the communist operators of these marches and demonstrations doing or saying anything in their favor. We see it daily, but they keep quiet. George Floyd was not a paragon of virtues, he was a criminal with a police record for robbery and domestic abuse.

His death should not have occurred in any society that boasts of being respectful of human rights, but from there to the fact that the society, in an outburst of excessive zeal in the face of his death, has been manipulated by groups of communist operators, who are in all latitudes, it is something else. It was days of days when the angry people destroyed everything they had built with work and love for their community, for their country. The United States became a powder keg that made remember the culminating scene of Guasón, when a mass inflamed before the police abuse of which the number one criminal of Gotham City was victim, rescues him and proclaims him a popular hero of a city in chaos.

In China, Dr. Lin Weliang, the true hero who warned his nation and the world that we were on the brink of a pandemic, was «executed» by the same communist regime that days before had him sign documents retracting of his claims for being «dangerous to the regime». This doctor was indeed a brave hero but he could not save his life in the face of the ideological madness of the Communist Party or in the face of the perversity of the virus that these madmen created in the laboratory, as part of a biological-commercial war.

He was also not elevated to martyrdom by the people of Wuhan, nor was the world sympathetic to his death. It was simply discarded as a simple mask that no longer works. The joking masses of chaos and criminal dementia will not cry for him. Nor will anyone in the world throw away the statues of Columbus or Washington or Confucius, in honor of his memory. He left in silence.

Two lives, two different destinations. Two opposite and ambivalent conducts of the same masses and deliberately opposed to freedom, laws, and democracy. Two critical circumstances sustained by a society that, long ago, entered into a top and that in the face of fear and provocation brings out the worst of its precarious humanity. The criminal Floyd, the good doctor Wenliang and the Covid-19 are the starting point of this tragic and deadly novel that has become the world of the bloodiest viral pandemic in recent human history.

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