Israel would return to quarantine after a strong outbreak of Coronavirus.

Israel suffers an outbreak of Coronavirus, in two weeks the cases doubled, the Minister of Health, Yuli Edelstein assured that only a miracle would prevent the country from re-entering quarantine. The cases of infected are increasing, they are approximately 2000 daily, while the seriously ill are 195 and those connected to respirators 57.

The Israeli government was praised for being one of the first to decrease the number of infections in the nation, the end of the quarantine would be the cause of the outbreak, the country opened schools and shops to end the economic crisis, which it would have caused the neglect and irresponsibility of some citizens.

Last week the government dealt with the increase of infected people by closing again bars, restaurants, concerts, and clubs, in addition to decreeing quarantine in the most affected cities, something that caused citizen discontent and massive protests in Tel Aviv, against during the administration of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, thousands of protesters gathered in Rabin Square, to protest against the increase in unemployment that would have been generated by the measures of confinement. The event included the unemployed, independent workers, businessmen, and business owners, who claimed to feel abandoned by the government.

Protestas en Israel
Tel Aviv protests against rising unemployment

The strategies that Israel used to combat the first wave of COVID-19 were successful, including compulsory quarantine, despite the fact that thousands are against returning to confinement, the Minister of Health says “What else can we do? Except for a miracle in which we see a slowdown in the rate of infections”.

Israel currently has 22,704 active cases and 375 fatalities. Netanyahu has announced that citizens will receive financial aid, ensuring that all families with one child will receive $ 583, while those with two 729 and three 875. Likewise, those over 18 who do not have children will receive $ 218. The Prime Minister indicated that the money will serve to revive the economy and urged people to buy more

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