The assassins would have acted completely coldly by killing a merchant in Juliaca

Two days ago in Juliaca, the death of a merchant identified as 62-year-old Máximo Neyra Mitma, better known as «Don Pepe», who had been the victim of his 22-year-old worker Franklin Cahuapaza Condori, who murdered and dismembered him for rob him along with his accomplice Luigui Ronaldo Choquehuanca Masco, 22 years old.

Unfortunately, the victim had previously been robbed by his worker, an amount of five thousand soles and merchandise, however the aggressor would have asked for a new opportunity to work with the merchant.

Faced with this murder, the Public Ministry requested the immediate arrest of the alleged murderers for 72 hours to continue with the investigation of the crime.

The victim’s daughter, 20-year-old Melisa Neyra Valencia who lives in Lima, came to Juliaca, where she said that her father’s murderer had worked with him since he was a teenager. She also pointed out that the last time she heard her dad’s voice was on June 22 by phone, who pointed out that she would open her store again, after closing for quarantine. They kept communicating on WhatsApp until June 30.

Investigations into the murder have revealed that the murderers had acted with cruelty and coldness, to dismember the victim and steal her merchandise from the merchant «Don Pepe». Likewise, the police revealed that the merchant had murdered in the bathroom of his store located in the Moquegua strip. She also indicated that the worker and accomplice planned the murder a day earlier and finalized the murder with gunshots, then cut off the body.

Criminals, who had grown up and studied together, were also known to be inseparable friends. The worker’s mother sold rice with eggs near the «Don Pepe» store selling rice with eggs.

So far, some parts of the victim’s body have been found in latrines, however the police are still searching for the merchant’s part of the chest, which is known to have been thrown into the Torococha river, for which reason machinery has been requested from the Municipality to rescue the human rest. The other pieces were found in latrines.

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