Adapt to the Times: Learn about the trends of virtual graduations

It is not a surprise that the coronavirus has changed our way of living, studying, walking and we have had to adapt to this normality in a few.

Although we have witnessed new measures in the work and student environment doing our homework and assignments remotely at home, what about the students who graduate this year and how would your system work? This is what they asked themselves in various parts of the world where they created quite ingenious solutions.

The event occurred at Business Breakthrough University (BBT) in Tokyo, Japan, where students, unable to gather to celebrate this traditional ceremony due to the pandemic, opted for a great idea for the event to take place.

«Newme» mobile robots were the means to carry out graduation. The idea was quite simple and creative: They put tablets on top of the robots and made a video call through Zoom. These avatars were dressed in typical robes and graduation caps. In this way they had the experience of being able to move on stage, greet each other and receive their diplomas at the Hotel Grand Palace even if they were physically at home.

On the other hand, many kilometers away at the University of Pennsylvania, some students recreated an entire ceremony in the popular Minecraft game, to the point of capturing their entire campus and other environments of their study house essentially.

Even YouTube organized a giant virtual ceremony in memory of all the students who were ruined by their pandemic graduation, with luxury guests such as Barack Obama, Malaya Yousafzi, Sundar Pichai (Google CEO), Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga, among others…

It will be necessary to see how this situation is progressing in the future with the pandemic to see if these trends reach our country.

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