Martín Vizcarra: My government proposes strength and unity

In dialogues with TV Peru, the President of the Republic, Martin Vizcarra, made his point of view about the meeting held by Prime Minister Pedro Cateriano and the President of Congress, Manuel Merino, today; the head of state stressed that his government proposes strength and unity.

‘I do not doubt that, as we all want the best for Peru, these conversations will be positive for Peru, these conversations will be positive and will be for the benefit of all Peruvians. Strength, unity, is what Peru requires to get ahead and it is what my government is proposing, ’said the head of state in dialogues with TV Peru.

Likewise, the head of state pointed out that after the swearing in of the new Ministerial Cabinet, health work will continue, due to the continuing emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19).

He pointed out: ‘We have to find a balance so that economic activities resume; but without neglecting the combat in this pandemic. ’ Likewise, the issue of strengthening institutions and democracy was emphasized, since the president indicated that clean and transparent elections will be guaranteed in April 2021.

‘For this we need dialogue and the search for consensus, that is the main responsibility that I have given to Prime Minister Cateriano,’ said the President of the Republic, Martin Vizcarra Cornejo.

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