Omar Chehade: Political reforms would be for August

The president of the Constitutional Commission of Congress, Omar Chehade pointed out that there is little time to approve the projects on elections to 2021 (internal elections and financing of the electoral campaign) since up to now it is still in debate; and that the maximum deadline for approval would be in August.

It should be remembered that by decision of the plenary session of Congress, the new regulations on political reforms were extended until the end of September. Meanwhile, according to Gestión, the APP legislator reported that the committee he chairs will approve such reforms by August of this year.

Likewise, the parliamentarian reported that only two issues remain to be debated in relation to the 2021 elections, these are: the internal elections of political parties and the financing of groups in electoral campaigns. According to the aforementioned medium, Chehade would already be approving the issue of the internal elections between this and next week.

It should be remembered that yesterday, the constitution commission debated the rule in question, while for the financing of political parties, the congressman of the Alliance for Progress announced that the discussion had already taken place since the week Last, with support from International IDEA. He also announced that the commission is proposing to make changes to the electoral band, seeking accountability during campaigns.

On the other hand, measures such as: the possibility of the return of bicamerality and the reinstatement of the Senate are issues that could be viable by 2026.

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