Today marks the 28th anniversary of the terrorist attack from Tarata in Lima

Today is the 28th anniversary of the «Tarata attack» in Lima at the hands of the terrorist group Shining Path

Thursday, July 16st, 1992, is a date that has been marked in the hearts of all Peruvians. That fateful day, the terrorist group Shining Path blew up a car bomb in the heart of the Miraflores district, in Lima city. This fact is remembered by Peruvians as «The Attack from Tarata». This explosion was just one of a series of attacks carried out in the capital of Peru by this terrorist movement during the devastating era of terrorism that the country experienced.

This event occurred in a highly commercial area belonging to the upper-middle class of the Lima commune. The Communist Party form PeruShining Path (SL) led by Abimael Guzmán used two cars loaded with 250 kilograms of explosives each, which blew up in the middle of the street around 9:00 p.m.

According to statements by the Senderistas themselves in their subsequent trial before the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (CVR), this act was carried out by Carlos Mora La Madrid, whom they referred to as Comrade Daniel.

The result of the «The Attack from Tarata» was a 25 dead and more than 200 wounded total, among local residents and citizens who passed through these streets. In addition, blast waves from the blast destroyed 183 homes, 400 businesses, and more than 60 cars.

Source: Perú 21

It should be noted that that same year (1992) other atrocious attacks were committed by the Shining Path, such as the María Elena Moyano murder, leader and social fighter from the Villa El Salvador district, an opponent and harsh critic of Shining Path, who she was fiercely shot at point-blank range to finally blow up her inert body with a load of dynamite. And the explosion of a car bomb outside the television channel Frecuencia Latina, on June 5st, 1992.

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