Trump vs. Tik Tok: US studies banning popular social network

The world of apps is a giant ocean that always varies. What is in fashion today may not be tomorrow. And currently, the one that reigns is Tik Tok.

The popular social network for short videos has captivated millions of users worldwide, however, it has also added detractors to the point of prohibiting it in certain countries, but now a strong blow is looming as one of the countries Where they have the largest number of followers, he is also studying this possibility: we are talking about the United States and its eccentric President Donald Trump.

The problem arises because Tik Tok has ties to China, and due to its enormous popularity, in certain countries including the US, concerns have been raised that their customers’ data will be shared with the Chinese government.

All this happens according to the statements of the Secretary of State of the United States (USA), Mike Pompeo, where last Monday, July 6, in an interview with Fox News, he declared that «the Donald Trump Administration» is certainly considering «restricting access to TikTok and other Chinese social media applications out of concern that the personal data of its users be used by the intelligence of the communist country. »

These statements coincided with the measures taken by India, who on the same date announced the blocking of 59 mobile applications, including the popular video platform TikTok.

TikTok in response announced that it plans to exit the Hong Kong market in the coming days after several tech giants announced that they will stop responding to requests for data about its users, both from the Chinese government and Hong Kong authorities.

Also, it denied everything previously narrated and assured that the application abides by local laws to protect the privacy of users.

TikTok is a social network where users, mostly teenagers and young adults, post videos of up to 15 seconds long, often synchronized with music, and has increased in popularity in the first quarter of the year, during the coronavirus by registering on the App Store and Google Play, millions of downloads, according to a report by the analysis firm, Sensor Tower, which positions it as the most valuable startup today.

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