Colon and breast cancer could be controlled with a drug

Research group of the Autonomous University of Madrid has identified a drug that prevents the growth of breast and colon tumors, quite aggressive types of cancer so far. This would be used in the treatment of hypertension and could now support the treatment of cancer, one of the diseases most feared by people today.

The research results published in Nature Communications recalls that the repositioning of drugs used in other diseases may become an alternative strategy in others, as is the case here.

The drug is known as «nebivolol», categorized as anti-hypertensive, has shown great anti-tumor potential. If this drug is used in treatments for cancer patients, it would considerably reduce millionaire investments in the treatment of this type of disease.

«It is not surprising that mitochondrial dysfunction is involved in the genesis and progression of a large number of diseases, including cancer, neurodegeneration, metabolic syndrome, rare diseases and aging itself», said Professor José Manual Cuezca, team leader, who briefly recounted how the drug would work in the cellular process.

When colorectal cancer is found early, it can often be cured. In 2016, the death rate from this type of cancer was less than half of what it was in 1970. This is due to improvements in treatment and increased detection, which allows us to observe colorectal changes before they come back cancerous.

As for breast cancer, about 6% of women have metastatic cancer when they are first diagnosed. Although the cancer is at a more advanced stage, new treatments allow many people with breast cancer to maintain a good quality of life, at least for a time.

Peruvian figures

The relationship between breast cancer in Peru is one of the hardest situations. 5 women die daily from breast cancer and lack of early detection. Meanwhile, with respect to colorectal cancer or also called colon cancer, it ranks eighth in the types most frequently detected in the general population.

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