The fire in the Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul could have been started

This morning a strong fire broke out in the Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, located in the city of Nantes, more than 100 firefighters managed to control the flames after three hours, thus discovering three different sources of fire, which has raised suspicion that the fire was started.

The French judicial police and firefighters are working to find out the true reason for the fire, which has left the baroque organ, the main attraction of the place, destroyed, while the cathedral was not heavily damaged.

So far, no evidence has been found to show that the cathedral was forced, but the investigators’ hypothesis is reinforced due to the fact that the outbreaks of the fire were far away, as stated by the prosecutor in charge, Pierre Sennes. In addition, General Laurent Ferlay, of the fire department, indicated that the incident was not as great as that of Notre Dame, which did destroy a large part of the roof.

For his part, President Emanuel Macron, who is in Belgium for the European Summit in Brussels, sent a message to the Frenchs through his Twitter account, he recalled the unfortunate event of April 15, where the Notre Dame cathedral burned down, “After Notre Give me, the Cathedral of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in the center of Nantes is on fire”, he also thanked the firefighters, “I support our firefighters who take all risks to save this Gothic jewel of the City of Dukes


The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris suffered a terrible fire on April 15 of last year, the intense fire destroyed much of its architecture, such as its roof and various valuables, including works of art, relics, statues, and antiques that were stored. In just two days, 850 million euros of donations were received