Jair Bolsonaro received his followers despite being infected with Coronavirus

President Jair Bolsonaro, who is infected with Coronavirus, came out to thank a hundred people who arrived this afternoon at the gardens of the Palacio da Alvorada, the presidential residence, to show their support. The crowd was made up of supporters of the president who did not comply with the security protocol by COVID-19, these were called by religious organizations.

Bolsonaro’s supporters came to the presidential palace without respecting the rules of social distancing, and some of them even did not wear masks. “We are going to walk with the pandemic, we are going to get out of it. We have an excellent team of ministers, mainly the one of Health, and everything is happening so that, quickly, we are building the future of Brazil ”, the Brazilian president indicated to his followers, lowering his mask.


The supporters of Jair Bolsonaro were from several hours on the outskirts of his residence. A mirror of water, of at least two meters, separated the president from the crowd, despite this some managed to get close to him.

Jair Bolsonaro in front of a follower. Photo: Infobae

While in the Museum of the Republic, more than 2000 followers of the Head of State marched in support of Bolsonaro’s administration, also called by the evangelical movement, arrived at the legislative headquarters, and stopped at Alameda dos Estados carrying 27 large crosses, one for each state, prayed for the president’s health

The march was called by social networks and had the sole purpose of supporting the president in his fight against COVID-19, despite this, some participants had posters in favor of the military intervention led by Jair Bolsanaro. The meeting ended in the Cathedral of Brasilia, the protesters withdrew peacefully, there was no presence of the opposition.

Supporters of the president.


Brazil registers 28 532 new confirmed cases in the last 24 hours, and for the first time in five days, the number of deaths was less than 1000. It is the second most infected country with 2.1 million cases and nearly 79,000 fatalities, after the US. Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Ceará being the cities most infected by COVID-19.

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