Natural deodorant? 5 benefits of alum stone you should know

Today we can find different sustainable alternatives to replace synthetic products that we usually consume and that harm the environment. Toothbrushes, plastic water bottles, Tupperware, and single-use plastic bags are some of the products that already have their eco-friendly substitute on the market. However, there are other products that some find more difficult to exchange for sustainable options, including basic toiletries such as soap, toothpaste, shampoo, and the hitherto irreplaceable toilet paper. Many people do not dare to change or stop using these products because they are part of our personal care routine and are afraid to risk an ecological product that does not offer the same results that commercial products offer them.

The same situation is repeated when we consider the idea of ​​changing deodorant. The bad smell produced by perspiration in the armpit area is quite uncomfortable, therefore, when we find the deodorant that fits our needs perfectly, it’s very difficult for us to change it unless it fails.

Sprays, stick, roll-on. There are many presentations of deodorants that we find in the market. In addition, there is an endless list of categories that seek to adapt to the different needs of users: whitening, those that don’t stain clothes, ideal for sensitive skin, with floral, fruit, citrus, oriental fragrances, without odor, protection that is activated with movement and even specifics for excessive sweating.

All these types of deodorants are different for their thousands of differences and characteristic specifications but they all have something in common, and that something is that all deodorants pollute equally. Those that come in roll-on and bar presentations have plastic containers that are difficult to recycle due to their hardness. But the worst are those that come in a spray.

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It’s no secret to anyone that in recent years, the ozone layer -the mantle that covers the planet and protects us from UV rays- has been progressively deteriorating as a result of pollution and excessive emissions of greenhouse gases.
Aerosols have, among their components, volatile organic compounds or VOCs, which are pollutants that, when in contact with sunlight, produce ozone gas. This allows smog to form.

In addition, these products are pressurized in containers that do not allow the chemicals contained within them to be completely discharged when finished using, therefore, they must be handled properly to be destroyed.

Alum stone is presented as a natural alternative to chemical deodorants and the other products on the market. Alum is a mineral that comes from the Middle East and is extracted from the region’s volcanic quarries. It has deodorant, antibacterial, astringent, and softening properties. To apply it to our armpits, we need to simply moisten the rock and rub it gently so that the mineral can act on our skin.

Among ist benefits, we find the following:

1º It has no smell: This is very useful for those people who are uncomfortable mixing the perfumes of the deodorant with our perfume for daily use or that of our body cream.

2º It doesn’t stain our clothes: Too many, it has happened to us that the sweat mixed with the deodorant creates yellowish stains on our blouses or white shirts, which makes us constantly renew these clothes. For being free of chemicals and regulating pH, alum stone doesn’t create these stains and allows us to keep them longer.

3° Durability: Since alum is presented as a stone, it wears out very slowly with each use, which can allow it to last for a year or so. This allows us to save money by not constantly buying deodorants and significantly reduces our generation of plastic waste and the emission of gases that damage the ozone layer.

4° 100% Natural: This deodorant is chemical-free and doesn’t contain alcohol, which makes it ideal for people with sensitive skin who suffer from irritation caused by the components of conventional deodorants, which can cause darkening of the skin. In addition, it doesn’t need plastic packaging because we can find it in nature.

5º Protects from bad odor: Alum stone doesn’t mask odors or clog pores, because it eliminates the bacteria responsible for the bad odor and allows our bodies to transpire naturally.

TOP TIP: To obtain all these benefits it is important that when buying our alum stone we make sure to get it in its natural version. To recognize it, we must pay attention to the fact that our stone is not very translucent, and, if it has an indicator of its composition, verify that its main component is «potassium alum». Otherwise, the results of using it will not be as desired.

Also, it is important to note that this alternative will not show the same results for all people. Users have testified that the best results occurred in people with little or moderate sweating. In those with excessive sweating, the effect of the alum has little durability, so they require a specific, more powerful product or perhaps apply the alum more often.

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