Mars had life? Robot will try to search for remains of life on the red planet

On July 30, NASA’s Perseverance robot will depart for Mars, with the aim of finding traces that will clarify for us one of the great astronomical mysteries: was there life on the red planet? Mars continues to draw the attention of scientists and humans in general, and we are increasingly close to solving some of its mysteries.

For a period of 7 months, NASA wants the Perseverance robot to be able to look for indications of whether there was ever life there or not. In turn, through his official Twitter account, Perseverance invites all fans of the red planet to be part of this adventure.

How will you carry out your mission?

«After landing in Jezero crater, the robotic scientist and astrobiologist will look for signs that microbes may have lived on Mars long ago, collect soil samples to return to Earth on a future mission, and pave the way for human exploration beyond the moon. Perseverance will be accompanied by a helicopter called Ingenio, the first attempt at powered flight in another world.», they point out from the official website.

#Stay at home

Given the pandemic, NASA has made available to the public the links to see this amazing launch live through the different social media platforms they manage. This will take place next

Twitter: @NASA, @NASAPersevere, @NASAMars
Facebook: NASA, NASAPersevere
Instagram: NASA

The launch is just the beginning, says the space institute. Perseverance will land on Mars on February 18, 2021, to begin its scouting mission. Follow the mission using the social media tags found above and at and

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