Peruvians drink the most tea in the region

According to different studies, Peruvians drink an average of 35 cups of tea, which positions us in the Latin American countries that drink this delicious drink the most, which provides great benefits.

What does a cup of tea give us?

According to the nutritionist, Karyn Reyna, in an interview for El Comercio, «the catechins and polyphenols, their main components, delay aging by preventing the oxidation of our cells and reduce the risk of suffering from cancer», he points out. This makes Tea an antioxidant drink by nature.

According to a study by the American Association for Cancer Research, green tea managed to greatly reduce inflammation in prostate cancer patients who drank this herb.

On the other hand, Harvard University points out that tea is the second source of hydration for people because it is made up of 99.5% water. Its effectiveness will be achieved to the extent that it is served without sugar.


Certainly, drinking tea constantly could cause constipation. This is because it has astringent components such as tannins that are the main culprits in the fact that tea favors constipation. These substances act by absorbing water from the stool. Well, they reduce bowel movement. So the tea drink is not recommended in people with slow intestinal transit.


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There are different types of tea to accompany a cold morning, after a lunch rich in heavy carbohydrates or a light dinner before bed. Among the most opted are black tea, green tea, and red fruit tea.

However, there are other herbs also consumed in the traditional form of infusion such as chamomile tea that calms anxiety or anise tea, which considerably alleviates indigestion or gas discomfort that very strong meals can cause.

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