Fake News: YouTuber misinforms about masks with fungi and parasites

The video of a YouTuber on social networks has caused controversy after stating that the use of masks poses a serious risk to health. However, an investigation by the local media Ojo Público has revealed that this statement is false.

The YouTuber who responds to the name of Ramón Freire has 75,000 followers and his video was spread by networks like Facebook and WhatsApp.

«When we breathe we emit steam, and with this steam, we wet the mask inside. By wetting the mask, we create a perfect and very pleasant cultivation field for viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites that are in the air, that stick to the mask, they stick inside. When we breathe bacteria, fungi, and parasites, which are only a millimeter from the mouth and nose. So, all day we walk with those fungi and bacteria», he said through his account. Youtube.

As mentioned in the research, fungi, and bacteria can reproduce in a humid space when it is not cleaned, so the use of washable cloth masks is not recommended, said Eduardo Gotuzzo, director of the Institute of Tropical Medicine of the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia. «All the masks must be washed, if you use the same one and it is not washed, that is going to become a dirty material so it must be washed with hot water, or with soap and water is enough», he said.

In the daily context and with the required hygiene, such problems should not occur, he added, referring to the video. «No, that doesn’t make sense, the fundamental idea is that the mask does protect you. To affirm the opposite is to put pretexts [to use it], it is a dirty war against a measure that is really necessary. In one day it should not produce anything of that”, sentenced the expert.

It should be noted that the use of masks is still necessary to protect yourself from the Covid-19. WHO points out in its recommendations that the use of masks both in patients with Covid-19 and for healthy people could considerably reduce the contagion.

Source: Facebook

«The use of masks is part of a comprehensive set of prevention and control measures that can limit the spread of certain respiratory diseases caused by viruses, in particular COVID-19. They also serve to protect healthy people (when they use them when coming into contact with an infected person) or for the control of sources (if an infected person uses it so as not to spread it to others)», says the international health organization.

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