Pilar Mazzetti: if infections rise we will take other measures

The recently and newly appointed Minister of Health, Pilar Mazzetti accepted that there is a slight rebound in coronavirus cases (COVID-19) in our country, after having abolished some protocols, restrictions (with the curfew) and the targeted quarantine in 7 regions of Peru since last July 1.

In that sense, he mentioned that the current situation can still be manageable; However, he warns that if the number of infections increases considerably, other measures will be taken.

The minister for Canal N referred: “We are seeing a slight rebound. Positivity is one thing, the clinical picture is another […] We are seeing people who have been positive and started taking to the streets the first days get sick. We are going to see those people who do not take precautions get sick – now we are going out freely – and we will see that starting next week ”

He also added: “You have to be observant about this. We are relatively able to handle the situation amidst our limitations, but if we see this rise, we will have to take other measures. ”

On other issues, he noted that there are differences between regional and national figures; but that there is more confidence with the figures of the region since they have easy computer systems that cover all the necessary information.

Mazzetti assured that there is a commission made up of MINSA entities; International and statistical organizations that have stated that there was a gap in the return of the deceased since for the minister the records kept by MINSA regarding the number of deaths are very different, others are the results of Sinadef since the MINSA records only the figures that have gone through hospital registration.

I add that, despite the idea of ​​forming an investigative commission that will provide the actual number of the number of deceased, the most probable is that the total figures in our country are for the next few years. He also said that the more people with positive cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) exist, the lower the possibility of contagion, for which I take the 1918 influenza as a reference.

Regarding the number of deaths reported daily by the Minsa, Pilar Mazzetti said that so far the situation has not changed much, but the number of people with symptoms of COVID-19 who go to hospitals has increased.

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