Proposals from Somos Perú to Pedro Cateriano

Rennan Espinoza, spokesperson for the bench of Somos Peru indicated that his party has proposed 5 aspects (or axes) to the prime minister, Pedro Cateriano, this in the framework of the conversations that the head of the Ministerial Cabinet maintains with various political groups in parliament.

Thus, the representative of Somos Peru mentioned to RPP, that his party has enough expectations for the dialogues that it maintains with the prime minister; and that he is also sincere and respectful, without playing politics. ‘We have proposed five axes to the premier, which we hope will be part of the approaches he has for the next twelve months, the last of this Government: citizen security, health, education, economic reactivation and food security,’ he stressed.

He also added, ‘We find it interesting that a round of dialogue begins; but a sincere, respectful dialogue, without playing politics because in recent times what we have experienced is a conflict between both powers. That has to be put aside, on both sides».

In this sense, the spokesperson for Somos Peru stressed the need for the opinion on impediments to be approved in a second vote so that sentenced persons can run and / or run elections for public office. «Unfortunately we have heard that some banks have certain positions, but it needs to be made clear to the population who really are those who do not want this type of reform to be carried out, which for us is important,» he said.

He also added that these issues are vital for his approval, so that in the future the political issues are much clearer and more defined; thus preventing people from seeking refuge through immunity or a position of authority. It should be noted that today the President of the Council of Ministers, Pedro Cateriano will seek to meet with the benches of the Congress of the Republic, among them are FREPAP, Fuerza Popular and Somos Perú.

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