Soyuz Transport Company stops operating after 38 years of experience

The company Soyuz S.A. It issued a statement this afternoon through its official Facebook account, informing its collaborators, customers, and suppliers of the decision made by the board of directors to definitively cease its activities. As stated in the statement, the decision would have been caused by excessive unregulated informal transport.

Source: Facebook Soyuz

Apparently, the opening of inter-provincial transport would not have been sufficient for the company that did not operate during the quarantine months like many businesses. In this way, they asked their suppliers to finish their pending operations during the course of the days.

Informal transportation

From May to July, the National Superintendency of Land Transport of People, Cargo, and Merchandise (Sutran) has carried out 57,513 interventions, of which 1,803 went to informal transport despite the quarantine and the ban on mobilization during those months.

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