Burger King reduces their cows’ farts to fight pollution

It’s a fact. The renowned line of hamburgers, Burger King, will change the diet of their cows to reduce methane emissions from the intensive farming of their cattle. With his initiative, the king of hamburgers promises to reduce 33% on average of methane emissions generated by cows during the last three to four months of their lives.

Methane is a by-product that is generated during the digestion of cows and is also a greenhouse gas that in large quantities contributes to global warming. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, livestock is responsible for 14.5% of greenhouse gas emissions.

In response, the restaurant formed an alliance with scientists Octavio Castelán, Veterinary Researcher at the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico, and Ermias Kebreab, Professor at the University of California, in search of the secret formula to alleviate stomach problems of their cows.

As a result of the investigations, they discovered the secret to reduce the flatulence of cows. The key is adding 100 grams of lemongrass to their diet since this helps them to release fewer methane gases during digestion of their food. This herb contains bioactive compounds that have antimicrobial properties, which reduces the formation of methane in the rumen.

Guillermo Hermosillo, Marketing Director of Burger King in Mexico, publicly shared a phrase heard by Fernando Machado, the head of his area, which is: «If we are part of the problem, we must be part of the solution».

The situation of the Burger King cows was communicated through a very peculiar advertising spot characterized by mechanical cows, country music, and a small singer.

Thanks to the recent discovery, starting in 2021, we’ll be able to order at our closest Burger King location the reduced in methane emissions Whopper.

Definitively, the green initiatives in 2020 don’t stop surprising us. Would you dare to try one of these hamburgers?

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