Continue investigations against Richard Swing

The prosecution returned to carry out proceedings to address the case of the artist Richard Swing, as part of the investigations, members of the prosecution went to intervene the offices of the Ministry of Culture to gather additional information in the framework of the investigations.

Part of the investigations carried out, seek to identify the income register and the agenda in the ministerial office, for this the prosecutor Yenny Huacchillo Nuñez, provincial deputy of the first Special Prosecutor in Corruption Crimes of Officials of Lima Center and experts of the Public Ministry collect information at the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture from the early hours of the morning.

In this regard, the specialized team of the Public Prosecutor’s Office seek to identify whether any information that links said state entity with Richard Swing (hiring) is found in the income register or in the agenda of the ministerial office. It should be noted that the current head of the Ministry of Culture is Minister Alejandro Arturo Neyra Sánchez.

As part of the investigations being carried out against Richard Swing due to contracts with the Ministry of Culture, the Office of the Prosecutor has been conducting a preliminary investigation for a period of 60 days. It should be noted that in the swearing-in by the new Cabinet, the lawyer Alejandro Neyra still maintains his position in the current portfolio.

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