Covid-19: Debt collectors and drivers will be fined if people without face shield board public transport

This Monday, July 27, there will be a stronger control regarding facial protectors, a measure that has been extended to all means of transport and that seeks to stop or reduce massive infections. However, the measure contemplates a fine of S / 450.00 and the removal of your driver’s license to drivers or collectors who accept people in their vehicles without due protection.

According to the Transportation Authority for Lima and Callao (ATU), the operators of these means of transportation are responsible for ensuring that passengers enter with face shields and masks, and that the respective capacity is met in each unit.

«From Monday 27 the sanctions will begin to be applied for non-compliance with sanitary protocols. The driver who allows boarding passengers without the face shield will be awarded a fine in addition to the retention of their driver’s license,» they indicated through your official Twitter account.

Eduardo Melgar, director of Fiscalization and Sanction of the entity, warned that the transport collectors as well as all the passengers must use face protectors while they are on board the units because, according to indications of the Ministry of Health (Minsa), carry these implements reduces the chances of spreading the new coronavirus.

«The use of face shield is mandatory since the Ministry of Transport and Communications, as the governing body, published the Emergency Decree No. 079-2020. In exercise of the norms that govern the administrative activity of inspection, during this week we will carry out an indicative audit in the points of greatest concentration of users ”, he emphasize.

Facial Protectors

After the third phase of economic reopening, the use of public transport by citizens has increased, which is why on July 1, the former Minister of Transport and Communications, Carlos Lozada pointed out that people who use public transport must wear protectors facials in addition to the mask.

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